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Employee Training

Employee training is the first step in promoting a culture of energy efficiency and following sustainability best practices. Training can cover a wide range of topics, such as understanding the best way to operate the building as a whole down to operating a certain piece of equipment to maximize efficiency.

Energy training also extends to utility procedures, such as understanding curtailment requirements and the best way to operate when curtailment happens.

Each facility is different and a strategy needs to be developed to maximize efficiency. However, a plan to operate efficiently is useless unless the occupants and operators understand what is required to operate efficiently.

Employee training is typically provided when equipment is changed through the vendor, however that vendor rarely understands how the equipment fits into the big picture when a comprehensive energy plan is place. Instead, the training often only covers basic maintenance, and how to start and stop the equipment. Training from an energy manager familiar with the facility and local utilities is a necessity as part of an effective energy strategy.

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