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Asset Management

Maximize production and reduce losses by minimizing equipment downtime, reducing operator errors, and improving efficiency. Improve mean time to restore service by eliminating logistic and administrative delays.​ Gain budget clarity with Lifecycle Cost Analyses. 

Energy Management

Lower utility bills by becoming proactive with energy and water management. Nearly 58% of energy in the United States is wasted. We offer energy and water audits, utility bill audits, and assistance in implementing an energy plan and reduction strategy.

Reliability Services

Proven best practices combined with advanced performance analysis using Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) and intelligent dashboards help to eliminate surprise failures.​

Sustainable Facilities

Increasing numbers of communities are requiring sustainable buildings in new construction and retrofit. Save money, meet energy and water use goals, and ensure compliance following LEED guidance and Department of Energy Portfolio Manager certifications.

Process Improvement

Implementing 6 Sigma and TQM techniques aims to eliminate weak points and bottlenecks in business operations. This leads to reduced completion times and fewer errors leading to increased efficiency and quality.

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