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Facilities Management

Facilities management encompasses several disciplines to ensure that the building functions as intended, is comfortable for tenants, is safe, and operates efficiently. It requires the integration of people, location, and process to improve the productivity or comfort of those occupying the facility. 

Facility managers may have many different titles, but are ultimately responsible for maintaining what is usually an organizations largest and most valuable assets; buildings and the equipment that support those buildings.

Facility managers need multiple skill sets to perform their job effectively:

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Risk management

  • Communications

  • Project management

  • Finance and business

  • Sustainability

  • Performance and quality

  • Technology management

  • Occupancy and human factors

Often, small and medium businesses do not have the resources to hire a facilities manager, and many of these responsibilities are shared throughout other staff or are outsourced. Whether you choose to outsource or spread responsibilities through your existing staff we can provide guidance and training to ensure that your facility is operating efficiently, and is contributing to productivity.

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