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Our mission at Efficient Facility Consulting is to improve the processes, equipment condition, and efficiency of any organization or facility.

We provide a variety of services to Commercial and Government customers to decrease waste and provide cost savings by leveraging proven strategies and technologies.


Our services save our customers money, plain and simple.

Highlighted Services

Asset Management

Avoid unplanned equipment failures, costly repairs, and streamline your work process.

We focus on establishing Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) that can reduce downtime and average cost savings of 20%.

Process Improvement.png
Process Improvement

We use 6 Sigma techniques in to reduce defects, and ISO standards to implement and improve quality systems. The results are a significant reduction in waste of both time and materials.

Any organization can benefit significantly from 6 Sigma and ISO implementation.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Energy & Water

The United States wastes nearly 58% of generated energy. Performing energy and water audits is the first step to understand where you waste energy and determine how to save on your utility bills and to implement an energy savings strategy.

Typical savings range from 5% to 30% reduction on utility spending.

Image by Alexander Abero
Sustainable Facilities

High performance and sustainable buildings aren't just environmentally responsible, they save significant amounts of money!

More communities require high-performance buildings for both new construction and retrofits to all types of facilities.

Window Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

Clean and disinfected spaces provide a safe work environment and can enhance productivity. We employ trained cleaners that can provide general or specialist cleaning and disinfecting.

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